Anal Fistula Treatment Without Surgery

An anal fistula, also known as a fistula-in-ano, is a tunnel that forms between the anus’s interior and the skin that surrounds it. The muscular opening at the end of the digestive tract where stools leave the body is called the anus.

Most butt-centric fistulas are the consequence of a disease that beginnings in a butt-centric organ. An abscess develops as a result of the infection, which can either drain on its own or undergo surgical drainage through the skin adjacent to the anus. The infected anal gland or anal canal is connected to a hole in the outer skin around the anus by a drainage tunnel that remains open.

Q. What is fistula (भगंदर)?

Ans. An anal fistula is small opening near the anus from that opening there is on and off pus discharge. This opening is connected by small channel with rectum or anal canal.

Q. What are symptoms of fistula?

Ans: ● Discomfort while sitting.
● Pus or watery or blood mixed discharge from the opening near anus or from anus.
● Swelling and redness in anal region.
● Pain while making bowel movement.
● Boil near anus which never heals.

Q. What are causes of fistula in ano?

Ans: Most of the fistula are consequences of ischeorectal or gluteal abcess. There is glands in anal canal which get infected and this infection reach to surface by forming a tract. Other causes are tuberculosis of the region, secondary to diseases like ulcerative colitis, crohn’s disease or carcinoma.

Q. How to diagnose fistula in ano?

Ans: Local examination done by doctor. Sometime radiological test like x- ray fistulogram or MRI fistulogram may required.

Q. What is the Treatment for fistula in ano?

Ans: There are some disease which are a real challenge not only for the patient to endure but for the doctor to treat, amongst them is anal Fistula. There is no medicine to treat fistula all-over world. Only treatment option is surgery. Laser surgery or open fistulectomy are done by allopathic hospitals but these procedure having limitations .
● Recurrence rate is very high between 7-50% according to fistula type although performed by very skilled surgeons.
● Incontinence- during cutting of fistula sometime anal sphincter muscles get involved. If these muscles cut down then patient loose stool holding control.
● Anal stenosis- there is large wound post surgery and during healing process narrowing of anal canal may occur.
● Patient need daily heavy dressing and these dressing continues for several months.
● lot of medication for pain management and to avoid infection.
Ksharsutra (medicated thread) and advance ksharsutr technique (IFTAK):
This is the real boon for the patient of fistula. It is time tested , evidence based, ayurvedic parasurgical technique invented by father of surgery – Sushruta. This technique has been used since then but modified with developing times.
It makes the use of seton- a cotton thread smeared with several coating of medicinal plant extract. This thread pH ~9.3 to 9.4. This thread is placed in the fistula tract after making that area numb and both ends are tied together. This thread remains in direct contact with fistula tract hence it currete, drain and heal simultaneously due to its property.
So success rate of this is around 97 to 99% and without complications like Recurrence, anal stenosis or stool incontinence. It is daycare procedure done under local anaesthesia, no incision, no blood loss, no need of general or spinal anaesthesia, no hospitalization required. One who is unfit for major surgery can undergo this procedure.
Research conducted by ICMR Delhi at Nation prestigious Institute like AIIMS Delhi, PGI Chandigarh also confirmed that for fistula treatment ksharsutra is best treatment.
Arogyam piles clinic and research center is the only center in punjab and adjoining states where fistula is treated with advance ksharsutra technique (IFTAK). This procedure reduce recovery time to almost half.

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