Kshar sutra treatment in Mohali

Kshara Sutra therapy is a tried-and-true Ayurvedic way to treat anorectal disorders that is less invasive than surgery. It is a secure, reliable, and affordable method of treating sinus diseases, such as haemorrhoids and fistula in ano. Though Sushruta, Charak, and Vagbhata first described the therapy in Ayurveda, its effectiveness was later confirmed by the Department of Shalya Tantra at Banaras Hindu University and later validated by scientific institutions like CCRAS and ICMR. This method is widely used in both our nation and some other nations. So, where is the best Kshara Sutra treatment in Mohali? Let’s find out.

Kshara Sutra Application in Hemorrhoids –
Local anaesthesia is used to sedate the patient. After holding the mass in a pile and taking it out of the anal orifice with pile-holding forceps, make an incision where the mucosa meets the skin. Later, a slight pull was applied over the pile mass, and the base of the pile became fixed. Yastimadhu taila or ghrita replace the pile mass tied off inside the rectum and rectal pack.

Kshara Sutra’s method of action for haemorrhoids

  • the blood vessel is mechanically and chemically strangled.
  • Localized tissue gangrene in the mass of piles.
  • Debridement of unhealthy tissue and ischemic necrosis
  • Within 5-7 days, the mass will be sloughed.
  • It takes 10 to 15 days for the resulting wound to heal.

Kshar Sutra Treatment in Mohali
We know it might be hard for you to discuss a problem like piles or another anal disease. You can heal all anal diseases with the Kshar Sutra treatment in Mohali. An ayurvedic para-surgical procedure called kshar sutra treatment is used to treat anorectal diseases. Treatment with the Kshara Sutra for the pons An easy-to-use, non-surgical technique that successfully treats anorectic disorders.

Treatment with the Kshar Sutra’s mechanism of action

  • The fistulous tract can be reduced, cured, drained, and recovered.
  • Due to caustic movement, it eliminates unhealthy tissue and encourages the fistulous track to heal.
  • Utilizes the movement of microbes to control infection.
  • Cleaning the wound and removing the debris.
  • Assist in the drainage of pus from the fistulous tract and aid in healing.
  • Opening the track by slicing through the tissues.
  • Additionally, it is a safer choice that saves patients a tonne of money. The process falls under the category of para-surgical treatments.

Patients should adhere to the instructions provided by the doctors in Mohali after receiving Kshara sutra treatment for anorectal disorders in the Arogyam piles clinic and research centre.

What are the advantages of the advanced IFTAK-Ksharsutra technique?

  • Compared to the conventional ksharsutra, it takes less time to treat fistula.
  • The recurrence rate is practically zero.
  • There are no side effects like anal stenosis or narrowing of the anal canal.
  • No loss of stool holding capacity, also known as stoma incontinence.
  • No need to stay in the hospital.
  • No need for bed rest; the patient can start working the following day again.
  • Cost-effective medical care.