Piles clinic in Chandigarh

Haemorrhoids, commonly known as “piles,” are a venous disorder. Pile refers to enlarged veins in the lower rectus or anus. When a pregnant woman strains at her stools, her enlarged uterus presses on her veins, causing them to swell and cause pain and discomfort. People with a chronic history of constipation are also at increased risk. So, let’s find out the best Piles clinic in Chandigarh.


Best Clinics For Piles in Chandigarh

While piles usually don’t impact an individual’s health, they can cause significant discomfort and pain if left untreated. Depending on how bad the problem is and how the patient is, there are many ways to treat it. Changes in diet and lifestyle, such as increasing fibre intake, increasing physical activity, maintaining a regular eating schedule, etc., often result in the disappearance of piles. Such changes help relieve piles. Weight loss helps treat piles, which are associated with obesity. Many ointments, creams, and over-the-counter medications are available for treating piles. If the treatment mentioned above options do not result in a cure, a Stapler hemorrhoidectomy can be performed. To get a correct diagnosis before beginning treatment, you should see the best Piles clinic in Chandigarh and choose Arogyam Piles Clinic in Chandigarh. If you go to a specialist for help with piles, you can be sure you will get the best diagnosis and care.


Pile diagnosis

The diagnostic process for piles entails the following steps by the doctor:

  • Observing the rectum is one method. External or prolapsed piles are easy for a doctor to spot on a physical exam.
  • A digital rectal examination is yet another option. After putting on lubricated gloves, the doctor examines the rectum for signs of abnormal growth by inserting his finger.
  • The final option is an imaging test, typically performed for internal haemorrhoids. An endoscope or a sigmoidoscope may be used to examine the rectal cavity.


Intervention for Pile Disease

  • A laser procedure is used to treat severe cases of piles at Pristyn Care. When conventional treatments for piles have failed, this option may be considered. To get help for piles in Chandigarh, people typically go to their family doctor or the closest hospital.
  • The current standard of care for piles is laser surgery because of its precision and high success rate. Haemorrhoids are burned and shrunk with a laser beam during this procedure. The anal tissues are the target of the surgeon’s concentrated light. The procedure is non-bleeding and causes minimal discomfort to the patient.


The Root of Pile Disorder:

  • Chronic constipation
  • Continual loose stools
  • Overexertion from moving large objects
  • The expanding uterus causes pregnancy-related venous hypertension.
  • Constipation, or the inability to defecate without much effort
  • Eating a diet that is low in fibre.
  • Excessive weight gain
  • Addiction to nicotine and alcohol
  • A sedentary lifestyle is characterised by insufficient exercise, excessive sitting, inertia, and a preference for and reliance on processed fast food.
  • Behaviours related to eating that are disruptive or irregular and strain bowel function.