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The anal canal is where the inflammatory tissue accumulation known as haemorrhoids, piles, or haemorrhoids is described. Blood veins, muscle, support tissue, and elastic fibres may all be examples of this. The issue of piles affects a large number of people. The symptom might not always be evident, though. Before the age of 50, at least 50% of people in the United States experience noticeable haemorrhoid symptoms. The causes, symptoms, classification, treatment, and effects of haemorrhoids or piles on the human body will all be clarified in this article.

Quick facts

  • When the tissues and veins are inflamed and swollen, it is said to have piles or haemorrhoids.
  • Different pile sizes can be found both inside and outside the anus.
  • Chronic diarrhoea and constipation, pregnancy, excessive lifting, and straining when passing faeces are among the health issues that might cause piles.
  • The diagnosis of Piles can be usually done on inspection by a doctor
  • Hemorrhoids are graded on a scale from I to IV, with grades III or IV potentially requiring surgery.
  • The anal canal contains a collection of swollen or inflammatory tissues known as piles of haemorrhoids. They can be internal or external to the anus and come in a variety of sizes. Internal piles are the most prevalent variety and are often found 2 to 4 centimetres above the tip of the anus opening. On the exterior of the anal region, there may be external piles. We found best piles doctor in Ropar Punjab, then consult today for piles or haemorrhoids.