Affordable kshar sutra treatment for Anal fistula in Chandigarh.

Affordable kshar sutra treatment for Anal fistula in Chandigarh.

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An anal fistula is a potentially distressing condition where an abnormal pathway forms as a result of infection occurring within the anal crypts located inside the anal canal. This pathway may extend into the surrounding tissue, ultimately leading to its rupture at the adjacent skin surface. Individuals affected by an anal fistula typically present with symptoms such as the development of a painful boil in close proximity to the anus. This boil may intermittently discharge pus, causing discomfort and hindering the performance of daily activities. Despite various attempts at treatment, including antibiotics, the boil associated with an anal fistula tends to persist, requiring specialized medical intervention for resolution.

The available treatment options for this condition are limited to surgical interventions, which can include procedures such as open fistulectomy, LIFT, VAAFT, or LASER. Due to the complexity and invasiveness of these procedures, they must be performed in a hospital setting to ensure proper anesthesia administration, postoperative monitoring, and access to specialized equipment and facilities. Consequently, the overall cost of the treatment can vary significantly based on the location of the hospital and the specific resources required for the surgery. Despite this the recurrence rate of anal fistula after these surgeries varies between 10 to 40 %.

For individuals seeking a treatment option with a high success rate that is both affordable and minimally invasive, Kshar Sutra emerges as the most suitable choice. The cost of Kshar Sutra treatment is notably low due to its non-requirement for hospitalization, anesthesia, or extensive medical facilities. The procedure for Kshar Sutra ligation in treating fistula is efficiently conducted under local anesthesia as an outpatient basis, enabling patients to return home promptly after treatment. Moreover, this treatment regimen eliminates the necessity for expensive antibiotics or other medications, reducing the overall financial burden on patients. With an impressive success rate of nearly 100%, Kshar Sutra treatment stands out as an effective and cost-efficient solution for anal fistula management.

If anyone is seeking cost-effective treatment for anal fistula in Chandigarh, they are encouraged to make a visit to Arogyam Piles Clinic and Research Center situated in Mohali, Chandigarh. Our esteemed team of doctors possesses extensive experience in administering advanced kshar sutra treatment and has successfully managed numerous cases of anal fistula. By choosing our clinic, individuals can benefit from specialized care and personalized attention, ensuring a comprehensive approach to their healthcare needs.

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