Q. Does ksharsutra or ksharkarma is painful procedure?

Ans: No, not at all the procedure performed under local anaesthesia by making that area numb so there is no chance of pain during procedure. Post procedure pain is bare minimal, can be managed with hot sitz bath i.e. by sitting in luke warm water for 10-15 minutes. Some patient need painkiller pills once or twice in a week.

Q. Is changing of ksharsutra thread is painful?

Ans: Changing of ksharsutra required only in Fistula and pilonidal sinus patient and it doesn’t not require any anaesthesia so it is not painful if done by expert.

Q. Is ksharsutra procedure is time consuming procedure?

Ans: No its not time consuming. procedure total time is 10 -15 minutes. And patient has to visit for ksharsutra change in fistula and pilonidal sinus patient once a week. Where as if patient undergone laser surgery or open surgery for fistula or pilonidal sinus then he has to undergo heavy dressing daily (once or twice a day) for several months. At Arogyam piles clinic and research center we have reduced recovery time to almost half by performing advance ksharsutra technique i.e. IFTAK.

Q.Why ksharsutra treatment is best in anorectal disease like fistula, pilonidal sinus or piles?

Ans: Ksharsutra is the best treatment for fistula in ano it is proved by research conducted by government agency ICMR- Indian Council of Medical Research – New Delhi at various institute of across India like AIIMS- New Delhi, PGI- Chandigarh. It was found that patient treated with ksharsutra has
• High success rate i.e. About 96-97% as compared to other surgery where success rate in about 50-60%.
• Ksharsutra is minimal invasive procedure i.e. There is no cut or incision so no blood loss whereas in other fistula surgery there is extensive dissection (tissue loss) so blood loss is also more.
• Patient treated with ksharsutra doesn’t require bed rest he can do his day to day activity as compared to other surgery in which patient need bed rest for months.
• Patient treated with ksharsutra doesn’t require daily dressing whereas patient treated with other surgery require daily dressing for which he has to visit hospital daily and it is also painful.
• Patient require minimum medication in ksharsutra patient ( rare need of painkiller, no need of antibiotics) whereas patient need lot of medication in the patient treated with other surgery like lot antibiotics in form of injection or tablet to prevent infection, lot of painkiller to subside pain and other medication.
• To perform ksharsutra procedure no need of general or spinal anesthesia it is done under local anesthesia whereas to perform other surgery in fistula patient need general or spinal anesthesia.
• Patient doesn’t require hospitalization in ksharsutra patient compared to other surgery.
• Post procedure ksharsutra patient doesn’t need any kind of blood transfusion because there in no blood loss but other surgery patient requires blood transfusion.
• Post procedure in ksharsutra patient very minimal scar is there as compared to the patient treated with other surgery.
Ksharsutra is minimal invasive, safe and cost effective treatment in anorectal disease.