Month: <span>October 2022</span>

Month: October 2022

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Foods For Piles and Fissure Patient

Piles and fissure are lifestyle disorders. They are mostly caused by bad eating habits. If one is suffering from these diseases, diet changes relieve discomfort and helps in healing. I always say to my patient diet is having major role…

YOGA – The Saviour for The Constipated

YOGA There are various natural ways to cure constipation. But as it is rightly said, PREVENTION IS ALWAYS BETTER THAN CURE.   A few minutes of daily yoga practice can help prevent infrequent bowel movement, straining and bloating. Yoga helps revitalize our body…

Piles in Pregnancy

No one talks about them, but hemorrhoids or piles are fact of life for many people, especially during and after pregnancy. Piles are simple veins inside and outside your anus which get swollen along with overlying tissue. Almost 50% of…