Fistula in Ano (Bhagandra) and Ksharsutra Treatment in Fistula in Ano

Fistula in Ano (Bhagandra) and Ksharsutra Treatment in Fistula in Ano

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There are some diseases which are a real challenge not only for the patient to endure but for the doctor to treat. Amongst them is anal fistula treatment, where a channel is formed between the end of bowel ( rectum or anal canal) with the surrounding skin. The fortunate ones are affected with a simple fistula, however if left untreated, the condition is often complicated with multiple interlinked channels and distant openings. These include recto inguinal, recto vaginal or ano scrotal fistula which are extremely troublesome.


  • Discomfort while sitting.
  • Pus or watery or blood mixed discharge from the opening near anus or from anus.
  • Swelling and redness in anal region.
  • Pain while making bowel movement.
  • Boil near anus which never heals.


Fistula Surgery is only the option for the treatment of fistula in ano. A number of surgery options are available, in which fistulectomy is mainly practiced. Fistulectomy is a modern technique of surgery in which the tract is cut open under spinal or general anesthesia. After that daily wound dressing required several months. This surgery is having many complications among them major complications are

  1. Recurrence- recurrence rate is very high that varies from 7-50% according to fistula type although performed by very skilled surgeons.
  2. Incontinence- during cutting the tract sometime anal spincter muscle get involved. These muscles help in holding stool. If these muscle cuts open then the patient is unable to hold stool.
  3. Anal stenosis – during healing process narrowing of anal canal is also one of issue.

These are some complications of surgery.


An age old technique that has its origin in India. It was invented by the father of plastic surgery-Sushruta. The technique has been used since then, but modified with developing times. It makes the use of seton – cotton thread smeared with several coatings of medicinal plants extract. This thread pH is ~9.3 to 9.4.

How does this technique work in fistula in ano?

The ksharsutra is placed in the fistulous tract after giving local anesthesia and both ends are tied together. This thread remains in direct contact with the fistula tract and therefore it physically and chemically curettes the tract and sloughs out its lining. This thread is having the property of cutting and healing simultaneously due which stool incontinence chances are negligible. Kshar (medicine on thread) works remotely in the side branches of the fistula so recurrence chances are also negligible. Patient has to visit on an OPD basis once a week to get thread changed till complete tract heal up.

Advance Kshar Sutra Technique- IFTAK( interception of fistula tract with application of advance ksharsutra):-

At Arogyam Piles Clinic And Research Center we treat fistula in ano with IFTAK technique in which we do interception of fistula tract at intersphincteric groove and divide it into two. Cutting and healing started by twodifferent threads at two site in the same tract. Due to which recovery time is reduced to half.

This procedure is performed at OPD basis under local anaesthesia. Patient can go home after two hour of procedure and can do his day today activity from the very next day.

 Ksharsutra Sutra is one of best treatment for fistula in Mohali as per research conducted by ICMR, New Delhi at the country ‘s prestigious institute of medical sciences- PGI Chandigarh and AIIMS New Delhi.


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