Piles LASER treatment in Chandigarh – advantages and disadvantages.

Piles LASER treatment in Chandigarh – advantages and disadvantages.

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Piles is very common nowadays due to lifestyle. Piles, also known as hemorrhoids, have become increasingly prevalent in today’s society, largely influenced by lifestyle factors. These conditions manifest as swollen veins and tissues located within the anal canal, causing discomfort and distress.

Internal piles grading:

To ascertain the severity of the ailment, piles are categorized into grades ranging from 1 to 4 based on the extent of the condition.

Common symptoms experienced by piles patient:

Individuals suffering from piles commonly experience symptoms such as blood discharge during bowel movements, persistent itching, occasional mass protrusion while defecating, and in some cases, varying degrees of pain.

Diagnosis of piles:

The diagnosis of piles primarily relies on thorough physical examination combined with a procedure known as proctoscopy, which aids in detecting and assessing the condition.

Main causes of piles are:

1. Chronic constipation.

2. Diarrhea.

3. Pregnancy.

4. Obesity.

5. Sedentary lifestyle.

6. Heavy weight lifting.

7. Smoking and excessive alcoholism.

Precautions to avoid piles:

Precautions to prevent the occurrence or exacerbation of piles involve making essential lifestyle changes that not only decrease the likelihood of developing piles but also lower the risk of the disease worsening over time. Modifying one’s daily habits can play a significant role in managing piles effectively. A key factor is adjusting your diet by incorporating simple yet effective measures. It is highly beneficial to enhance the fiber content in your daily food intake and ensure adequate fluid consumption. Additionally, steering clear of detrimental food choices such as junk food, bakery items, refined products, excessive salt intake, alcohol consumption, and smoking can vastly improve piles management. Striving to avoid straining during bowel movements, refraining from heavy weight lifting activities, maintaining an optimal body weight, and engaging in regular exercise routines all contribute to a holistic approach to managing piles and promoting better overall health. By adhering to these precautionary measures consistently, individuals can significantly reduce the risk of piles-related complications and enjoy an improved quality of life.

Piles treatment in Chandigarh:

The treatment for piles in Chandigarh involves a multi-faceted approach. In addressing the treatment aspect, a combination of simple dietary measures and medicinal intervention plays a pivotal role in effectively managing piles. Should a patient exhibit resistance to conservative treatments, surgery emerges as a viable alternative. Several surgical options exist, including hemorrhoidectomy, staple hemorrhoidectomy, and the increasingly popular LASER treatment. Each surgical procedure carries its own set of advantages and disadvantages, leading to a careful consideration of the most suitable approach for each individual case. Presently, the use of LASER in piles treatment has been gaining traction due to its perceived benefits. In this informative blog, our specialized piles doctor will delve deeper into the nuances of LASER treatment for piles, shedding light on its merits and demerits for a comprehensive understanding of this evolving treatment option.

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