What is the best fistula treatment in Chandigarh?

What is the best fistula treatment in Chandigarh?

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Anal Fistula is a debilitating condition affecting the anal canal, characterized by infected crypts that create an abnormal pathway to the surrounding skin, known as fistula in ano. This condition manifests as a tender boil near the anus, from which pus or watery discharge emerges, exhibiting resistance to traditional antibiotics or oral medications. Various surgical procedures such as fistulectomy, VAAFT, LIFT, and LASER treatment are widely utilized by skilled surgeons to rectify fistulas but still having complication.

Recurrence remains a significant concern post-surgery, with rates varying from 10 to 40%, while the risk of anal stenosis post-operatively can lead to obstructed stool passage, necessitating additional interventions. Furthermore, the potential complication of stool incontinence due to damage to the anal sphincter ring during surgical procedures can profoundly disrupt patients life. Surgical interventions demand hospitalization, anaesthesia, and post-treatment rest from work, adding layers of complexity to the patient’s recovery journey.

However, for individuals seeking the most effective and complication-free fistula treatment in Chandigarh, Arogyam Piles Clinic and Research Center in Mohali, Chandigarh, presents a promising solution. Their specialized expertise in Kshar sutra, a non-surgical technique for fistula treatment, offers exceptional success rates nearing 100%. Patients benefit from the experience of expert doctors dedicated to utilizing this innovative approach at the clinic, which focuses exclusively on Kshar sutra treatments and anorectal disorders. The clinic’s patient-centered philosophy ensures that individuals receive personalized care and support throughout their healing process.

Don’t hesitate to book your appointment with us promptly and take the first step towards embarking on your path to healing and well-being.

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