Does western toilet causing haemorrhoids?

Does western toilet causing haemorrhoids?

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In present times, it has become noticeable that the prevalence of constipation and piles has been on the rise, primarily attributed to modern lifestyle choices and dietary habits. This blog aims to delve into the crucial role that western toilets play in the development of haemorrhoids. The widespread adoption of western toilets can be attributed to the convenience and user-friendly nature they offer. When utilizing a western toilet for defecation, individuals find themselves in a position where their hip and knee joints are positioned in a semi-flexed manner, necessitating increased pressure to facilitate the passage of stool. This continual application of pressure could potentially lead to the formation of piles over time. Conversely, traditional Indian toilets present a stark contrast, as they necessitate a complete flexion of the hip and knee joints, thereby facilitating a smoother and less demanding bowel movement process that requires minimal exertion.

How to use western toilet to avoid piles ?

In order to facilitate smoother bowel movements, it is beneficial to place a small stool under our feet when using the western toilet. This simple adjustment alters our sitting position from the standard 90-degree angle to a more optimal approximately 35-degree angle. By making this adjustment, the pressure exerted during bowel movements is significantly reduced, allowing for a more comfortable and efficient experience. This simple adjustment reduce the chances of developing piles.

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