A complete guide about Piles Ayurvedic treatment in Chandigarh.

A complete guide about Piles Ayurvedic treatment in Chandigarh.

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Piles, also referred to as hemorrhoids, are a common condition mentioned in Ayurvedic texts under the name of rash, which provides details about its causes and treatment methods. These swollen veins found inside the anal canal are primarily a result of excessive straining during bowel movements, often triggered by issues like constipation or chronic diarrhea. In addition to these factors, other causes of piles may include obesity, leading a sedentary lifestyle, smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, engaging in heavy weight lifting, and even pregnancy.

What are piles symptoms ?

When it comes to identifying piles, patients typically exhibit symptoms such as per rectal bleeding, accompanied by itching and the protrusion of a mass from the anus, which can lead to discomfort.

How piles are diagnosed ?

Diagnosis of piles is relatively straightforward, involving a consultation during which the doctor asks pertinent questions followed by a local examination that often includes a proctoscopy to confirm the diagnosis.

Piles ayurvedic treatment

In Ayurveda, piles can be effectively managed with conservative treatments using herbal medicines. The treatment regimen typically involves avagaahan, a process that entails sitz baths where the hip region is immersed in a tub of hot water containing herbal decoctions. Second comes vasti, wherein a small amount of ayurvedic oil enema is administered to the patient to help stop bleeding and reduce swelling. Furthermore, oral herbal medications are prescribed to target the root causes of the condition by addressing imbalances in the doshas, ultimately aiding in the eradication of the disease and promoting overall well-being. In advanced stages of piles, parasurgical procedures like kshar karma and kshar sutra are often recommended by healthcare professionals. Kshar karma involves the application of a specialized herbal medicine paste directly onto the piles mass, leading to a gradual shrinkage of the affected area followed by the shedding of the piles mass. On the other hand, in kshar sutra treatment, the piles mass is ligated at its base using a medicated thread, initiating shrinkage and subsequent shedding of the mass. These effective treatments are typically conducted on an outpatient basis, allowing patients to receive proper care without the need for hospitalization. By targeting the root cause of the disease, these procedures aim to eradicate piles effectively and provide long-term relief.

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