Foods For Piles and Fissure Patient

Foods For Piles and Fissure Patient

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Piles and fissure are lifestyle disorders. They are mostly caused by bad eating habits. If one is suffering from these diseases, diet changes relieve discomfort and helps in healing. I always say to my patient diet is having major role in your recovery. I always tell them do and don’t and after that medicine.

Foods for Piles and Fissure Patient

Most common cause of piles and fissure is constipation so one should prefer food which doesn’t cause constipation. One should take high fiber diet and plenty of fluid. Fiber are bulk forming while fluid make it soft and help stool to pass easily. One should take

  1. Green Vegetables- Green vegetables is having a good amount of fibers so one should take vegetables daily.
  2. Fruits- Fruits are also a good source of nutrients as well as fibers. Prefer to take whole fruit rather than juices.
  3. Salad- Salad is having key role in relieving constipation, so include salad in each meal at least quarter plate.
  4. Legumes- Lentils are also good source of fibers.
  5. Whole Grains- Prefer whole wheat flour instead of white, brown rice instead of white rice because white wheat flour and white rice is having very less fiber content. One can also take oatmeal, corn and other cereals.
  6. Curd- Curd is good for your gut and digestion. Curd is having good bacteria which help in digestion.
  7. Fluids- One should take plenty of fluids – plain water, lemonade, coconut water, buttermilk etc. Fluids get observed by the fibers and make stool soft. Making it less likely that you have to strain when going to bathroom. This can help prevent piles or ease symptoms.

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Foods to Avoid

It’s better to avoid foods with low fiber content because they cause constipation and triggering piles and fissure symptoms.

  1. Red Meat- Meat is hard to digest and cause constipation. Avoid meat if suffering from piles and fissure.
  2. White Flour- While flour fiber content is very low, so avoid noodles, white bread, pasta etc.
  3. Dairy Product- These include milk, cheese and other varieties.
  4. Caffeinated Drinks- These drinks cause dehydration and make stool hard, especially coffee.
  5. Alcohol- Alcohol also cause dehydration and dry up your stool.
  6. Fried Food- These are difficult to digest and hard to gut.
  7. Spicy Food- Spicy food cause burning sensation and increase your discomfort, so better to avoid spicy food.
  8. Preserved Food- Preserved food sodium content is very high, so it observes water from your gut and retain in your body. This cause hardening of stool.

The bottom line is piles and fissures cause lot of pain and discomfort. While certain foods worsen your symptoms and some are beneficial. Increase your fiber intake and stay hydrated to avoid constipation. After taking these precaution if you are still suffering contact us for determine best Anal Fistula Treatment plan for you.





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