How to cure piles permanently?

How to cure piles permanently?

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Piles, medically recognized as haemorrhoids, represent a condition affecting the anal canal, where the veins, as well as the adjacent tissues, become inflamed and swollen. Individuals suffering from piles experience symptoms such as bleeding during bowel movements and the protrusion of soft mass. A primary contributing factor to the development of piles is the excessive pressure exerted during defecation. This condition can cause discomfort and pain in the affected area, leading individuals to seek relief through various treatment options available.

Permanent treatment of piles:-

The effectiveness of KSHAR SUTRA ligation in providing a permanent cure for piles has been extensively validated through research carried out by several medical institutions in various regions of INDIA. This innovative procedure stands out for its minimal invasiveness, ensuring no bleeding during or after treatment, eliminating the necessity for hospitalization, promoting quick recovery, and boasting a negligible rate of complications and recurrences. With its proven track record, KSHAR SUTRA emerges as the superior choice for individuals seeking a successful treatment option for piles.

How kshar sutra ligation is done in Piles ?

The Kshar ligation procedure is typically conducted on an outpatient basis, starting with preliminary routine investigations and a comprehensive examination to ensure proper treatment planning. To prepare for the procedure, patients are instructed to take mild laxatives the night before the scheduled day. During the procedure, patients are carefully positioned in lithotomy to facilitate access, and local anesthesia is administered to the piles mass area for comfort. Each piles mass is meticulously addressed one by one using specialized tools, such as piles holding forceps, to secure and tie them at the base with precision using the kshar sutra technique. Following the procedure, patients are monitored and observed for about one hour before being discharged, with a specific medication regimen based on individual prescriptions. Patients are advised to incorporate a hot sitz bath at least twice daily into their post-procedure care routine, along with maintaining a diet rich in high fiber and ensuring ample fluid intake for optimal healing. It is common for piles masses to gradually shrink and naturally fall off within a week post-treatment. Regular follow-up appointments, typically scheduled at least once a week for a duration of one month, are strongly recommended to monitor progress and ensure ongoing management.

If you are seeking a lasting solution for the treatment of piles, then the kshar sutra treatment could be the ideal choice for you. Specifically designed to provide a long-term cure for piles, this treatment is renowned for its effectiveness. If you are in Chandigarh and looking for the best kshar sutra treatment for piles, we recommend scheduling an appointment with our highly experienced kshar sutra treatment expert at Arogyam Piles Clinic and Research Center located in Mohali, Punjab.

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