How to treat fistula without surgery ? Can fistula be treated without surgery ?

How to treat fistula without surgery ? Can fistula be treated without surgery ?

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An anal fistula is an abnormal pathway that develops between the anal canal and the skin nearby. Individuals typically manifest symptoms of a boil located in the vicinity of the anus, from which there is a discharge of pus. This boil tends to be unresponsive to typical medical treatments such as antibiotics.

While surgery is often the preferred method of treatment for fistulas, it does come with its own set of complications. One of the most concerning complications is the high rate of recurrence post-surgery, with figures ranging between 10 to 40 percent. Additionally, there is a risk of stool incontinence if the anal sphincter sustains damage during the surgical procedure. Another complication that may arise is anal stenosis, which refers to the narrow passage that can develop during the healing phase following surgery.

Those who are not willing to undergo anal fistula surgery often tirelessly seek non-surgical alternatives to manage this condition. Some of the non-surgical methods available for treating anal fistulas include the following procedures:

1. **Fibrin glue injection for fistula treatment**: Fibrin glue injection serves as a convenient approach for addressing perianal fistulas. By administering an injection that works to seal the fistula tract, this method offers simplicity; however, the risk of fistula recurrence remains notably high after this treatment.

2. **Seton technique for fistula treatment**: In this technique, a seton is carefully threaded through the fistula tract and secured at both ends. While this procedure aids in draining pus collections, it does not fully eradicate the fistula, often necessitating further intervention to achieve complete resolution.

3. **Anal fistula plug treatment**: This method involves the insertion of a plug into the inner opening of the fistula. In many cases this plug eventually be expelled during bowel movements. Despite its appeal, this plug-like device does not typically lead to complete fistula healing.

4. **Kshar sutra ligation for anal fistulatreatment**: A distinctive technique that utilizes a specialized thread infused with Ayurvedic medications, Kshar sutra ligation involves passing and tying this thread within the fistula tract. This unique approach enables the drainage of pus, facilitates debridement, and initiates the healing process simultaneously. Regular replacement of the Kshar sutra thread is necessary, as the medicinal properties diminish over time. The success rate of Kshar sutra ligation stands impressively high at 99.01% without any reported complications.

If you are currently exploring non-surgical options for managing a fistula, Kshar sutra may represent an optimal choice.

To access top-tier Kshar sutra treatments for fistulas in Mohali or Chandigarh, consider securing an appointment with our esteemed medical professionals at Arogyam Piles Clinic and Research Center, located in Mohali, Punjab. In summary, while surgical options exist for the treatment of anal fistulas, these non-surgical interventions present viable alternatives with their distinctive benefits and considerations.

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